U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic talks with future local LGBTI candidates

Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute, together with local partner, Diversidad Dominicana, held the first module of the LGBTI Political Leadership School in the Dominican Republic from November 18 to 20. U.S. Ambassador to the DR, James Brewster was among the speakers that talked with trainees.
LGBTI persons continue to face extreme forms of violence and discrimination in the country. Intersecting identities such as race, class, geography, and gender also play a significant role in the lives of LGBTI Dominicans. In order to advance towards equality and help to reduce this violence, it is essential to strengthen the capacities of LGBTI leaders so that they are best prepared to participate in the democratic process and hold public office positions.
Victory and its local partner started had started the first LGBTI Political Leadership School in the country. It aims at training the next generations of elected officials and civil society leaders. The School will consist of five modules along 9 months, and will cover topics such as how to represent your community without neglecting your gender identity and sexual orientation, work with political parties, public speaking, and electoral campaign techniques, among other skills.
The first module was delivered by Deivis Ventura, the first openly gay candidate in the country, who ran for Congress in May 2016, and Miriam Mejía, a psychologist and professor at the University. Ambassador Brewster also talked with participants, sharing his experience as a successful politician, leader, and US Ambassador, while being openly gay.
The School is part of a larger project with Diversidad Dominicana. In addition, Victory and its partner will be conducting research on LGBTQ Political Participation in the country, and will hold a regional conference in March 2017.

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