Coming Out Project

LGBTQ+ Victory Institute knows that representation is power – which is why we need more LGBTQ+ leaders like you to come out and stand with our community! Your courage to come out while in office will undoubtedly change perceptions of LGBTQ+ people and serve as an inspiration to other LGBTQ+ people considering a career in public service. There will certainly be those opposed to equality who will criticize your decision, but know that Victory Institute and our vast network of out LGBTQ+ officials have your back.

“At LGBTQ+ Victory Institute, we know representation is power. When LGBTQ+ elected officials are in the room, it humanizes our lives, changes the debate and leads to more inclusive policies and legislation. As a former out elected official myself, I know improving the lives of all your constituents remains the priority, yet our community will certainly look to you as a leader in driving equality forward. While your duties remain the same, the level of scrutiny you face may increase, but the entire Victory Institute team is here to be a resource for you moving forward. All the best to you, and welcome to the Victory Institute family.”

-Victory Institute President & CEO, Mayor Annise Parker

Joining our ranks

“I was fighting for the LGBTQ community before this became public. I will continue to do that and still stand firm. My policies are not going to change, my politics is not going to change. I’m still the same Shev Jones that people knew prior to me being public.”

-Florida State Senator Shevrin Jones, who came out as gay in 2018

“The most meaningful contribution I can make to that world is to be authentic myself. I am hopeful the decision Evan [Jacobs] and I have made will help others. Coming out, or at least knowing there are others like us, is just as affirming and significant for bi people as it is for other members of the LGBTQ community. I have chosen to be a positive role model in this regard.”

-DeKalb County (GA) State Judge Mike Jacobs, who came out as bisexual in 2018