Victory Institute conducts or commissions research to better understand the impact of LGBTQ elected officials and leaders on moving equality forward in the United States and around the world.

  • The report (en español) examines the difficulties LGBTI Hondurans face when accessing political participation, and discusses the perceptions of LGBTI people in Honduras on the political parties.

  • OutDiplomacy examines the impact of President Obama's appointment of six openly gay ambassadors and one special envoy – leading to unprecedented visibility of the American LGBTQ community abroad.

  • This report (in English, en español) explores the political participation of LGBTI people in Colombia – including the experiences, perceptions, obstacles and opportunities to increasing participation.

  • The third brief in the “More Than Represent” series examines the impact LGB representatives had on influencing straight lawmaker colleagues to vote in favor of marriage equality bills.

  • The second brief in the “More Than Represent” series examines the impact openly LGBTQ state legislators have on thwarting anti-equality legislation opponents push in state legislatures.

  • The first brief in the “More Than Represent” series examines the relationship between the current level of LGBTQ equality in the states and the number of openly LGBTQ public officials.

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