Peruvian Congressman Pushes for Gender Identity Legislation

Peruvian Congressman Alberto de Belaunde speaks at the 2017 LGBTQ Leaders Conference.

On Tuesday, March 17, in the Peruvian Constitution Commission, Congressman Alberto de Belaunde called for the need to approve a gender identity law, specifically recommending that the Peruvian National Registry of Identification and Marital Status (RENIECPERU) be placed in charge of handling these processes administratively, not through the court system.

This project (790) has circulated throughout the Constitutional Commission since December 2016 and Alberto is pushing his fellow colleagues to finally address such an important citizen demand. “It at least deserves a debate. [Trans men and women] are citizens who live in unimaginable situations of discrimination, who are victims of hate crimes, who are people who are accustomed to being repressed or ignored by the State”, proclaims Congressman de Belaunde.

Alberto specifically cites the recent ruling of the Inter-American Human Rights Court which demanded that its member states, including Peru, recognize full equality of LGBTQ people through the legalization same-sex marriage and gender identity legislation.

Alberto de Belaunde has attended the Victory Institute’s Latin America & Caribbean regional conferences and most recently attended and spoke at the International LGBTQ Leaders conference in December 2017 in Washington DC.  His advocacy for inclusive legislation is a prime example of why having LGBTQ voices in government is key to advancing equality.

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