LGBTI Political Leadership Learning Institute continues in South Africa

This past weekend, Triangle Project and Victory organized the second module in our training series “LGBTI Political Leadership Learning Institute in the Western Cape” from April 21-23 in Pringle Bay, South Africa. This training followed “LGBTI Leaders as Change-Makers,” which laid the theoretical groundwork and political leadership framework to be able to move forward in this module to explore the inner workings of political parties, policy-making, and human rights protection mechanisms.

This module was facilitated by local trainers, Beatie Hofmeyr and Cherith Sanger. Trainees gained knowledge that will guide them moving forward as political leaders. They learned the most strategic ways to engage political parties and local elected officials, in order to lobby for change or create public policies, as well as the best ways to access national and international human rights mechanisms in order to protect equality. The intricacies of various South African political systems and public policies were examined in order to best understand how to interact with them effectively, both from civil society and as an elected person.

Participants look forward to continuing the process during the next module, June 23-25 on “Advocacy, Communication and Messaging,” as part of Victory’s larger project with Triangle aimed at training LGBTI political leaders and bringing LGBTI equality to the national political agenda.