I’m here. Our Nation’s Capital – John Priddy

OUT ON THE HILL is the official blog of the Victory Congressional Interns. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of LGBTQ Victory Institute.

My name is John Priddy and I am a rising senior at Emory University. Throughout my life, I have visited or lived in several cities across the United States. Denver. Salt Lake City. Atlanta. Chicago. All of those cities offer unique opportunities and experiences. They all bring something special to the table. However, Washington D.C. may be the most special city of all. Now, I’ve only been in D.C. for about three weeks, but I’m already amazed by this city and everything it has to offer. Maybe it has something to do with my political interests. As a Victory Congressional Intern, we are provided with the unique opportunity to work in a Congressional Office while engaging in different programing events for an eight-week internship. There is nothing quite like working on the Hill. As an intern in Senator Doug Jones’s Office, I do everything from answering calls, giving tours of the Capitol (my favorite spot is Statutory Hall), writing decision and legislative memos, and meeting the movers and shakers of Washington D.C.

When I walk through the halls of the Russell Senate building and casually see Senators from across the country, people I’ve only ever seen on T.V., I am still shocked at the opportunity I have been granted. I’ve always loved the political arena, and now, I’m living in it. However, it isn’t just the political aspect of the city that I enjoy, it’s the history. Walking around and seeing everything from the Washington Monument to the African American History Museum, every nook and cranny of the city is loaded with history. It gives the city a unique edge, where a story can be found around every corner. Although my time in Washington D.C. has been short, my experiences have been enough to fill a normal summer. From meeting Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Doug Jones to answering constituent phone calls and batching mail, I have appreciated every moment and cannot wait for more to come in Washington D.C.