Anti-LGBTQ activists push discriminatory Washington initiative

Washington could join the list of states that police the use of bathrooms and public accommodations if a ballot initiative passes this November.

Anti-LGBTQ activists in Washington are pushing to get the discriminatory Initiative 1552 on the ballot for November, and it looks like they will collect enough signatures to ensure it ends up there.

This measure would override state and local prohibitions against gender-identity discrimination in certain public accommodation facilities and require that public schools restrict access to some facilities based on sex at birth. It would also allow related lawsuits against schools.

In opposition to this discriminatory initiative stand a group of 237 Seattle businesses and organizations who are refusing to discriminate and roll back the state’s history of encouraging diversity. And LGBTQ elected officials in the state are leading the charge to fight this discriminatory initiative.

In the meantime, Victory Institute is preparing to hold our Seattle Candidate & Campaign Training to build the next generation of LGBTQ elected leaders who can stand up to discriminatory laws and initiatives. The training is being held from July 20 – 23, and gives participants a four-day intensive campaign simulation and training so they are ready to run and win.

With more LGBTQ elected leaders to humanize our lives and push inclusive policies, we can stop initiatives like 1552 from ever reaching the ballot.