Victory Institute Presents at Creating Change in Texas

Team Victory Institute traveled to Dallas, Texas to participate in the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Creating Change Conference, an annual confab of LGBTQ activists and leaders. Each year, Creating Change attracts over 3,000 attendees and features over 200 workshops, highlighting the wealth of knowledge that exists within the LGBTQ community as well as its vast diversity.

In order to emphasize the significance of having LGBTQ people in office to fight and advocate for our community, Victory Institute presented two workshops designed to demystify the process of running for office. Two LGBTQ state legislators – Texas State Representative Jessica Gonzalez and Arizona State Representative Daniel Hernandez – joined Victory to offer LGBTQ activists first-hand guidance on how to successfully run and serve as an openly queer person.

“It is a very exciting opportunity for LGBTQ activists to make the transition from activism to public service and see how the two go hand-in-hand,” said Sarah Pope, Victory Institute Domestic Programs Manager.

There are 821 LGBTQ elected officials currently serving in the United States. Victory Institute is looking forward to adding to that number.

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