Victory Institute Hosts Reception for LGBTQ State Legislators in Los Angeles

LGBTQ state legislators make up 121 of the 570 LGBTQ elected officials in office across America – and they are critical to pushing forward equality at the state and local levels. From enacting conversion therapy bans to enshrining trans rights into law, America’s state legislators have been at the forefront of advancing equality and spotlighting injustice.

On July 31, in conjunction with the National Conference of State Legislatures’ 2018 Legislative Summit in Los Angeles, Victory Institute hosted a reception for LGBTQ state legislators to honor the impact they have made on LGBTQ equality. California Assembly Speaker Emeritus John Perez, Colorado State Representative Leslie Herod, California State Senator Ricardo Lara, and former District of Columbia Councilmember David Catania addressed the overflow crowd, each highlighting the exemplary leadership and steadfast dedication of America’s state lawmakers.

Also, in attendance were Oklahoma State Senator and Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, Nevada State Senator Kelvin Atkinson, Georgia State Representative Park Cannon, Georgia State Representative Sam Park, Idaho State Representative John McCrostie, Vermont State Representative Bill Lippert, Washington State Representative Nicole Macri, Arizona State Representative Daniel Hernandez, and South Carolina State Representative Jason Elliott.

The reception was sponsored by Georgetown Public Affairs, led by Catania and Ben Young.

With the midterm elections around the corner, a true “Rainbow Wave” would add to the overall number of LGBTQ state legislators in America. At Victory Institute, we know that increasing LGBTQ representation in every statehouse should not only be embraced as a political goal, but a policy one as well.

It is proven – we all win with more LGBTQ voices at the table.

To see the profile of every LGBTQ state legislator in the U.S., please visit Victory Institute’s Out for America map!


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