Victory Institute, Colombian partners release report on Colombian LGBTI political inclusion

By Vince Kovach, November 3, 2016
The Victory Institute in partnership with Colombia-based LGBTI advocacy group Caribe Afirmativo has released a report entitled “A View to the Political Participation of LGBTI People in Political Parties and Movements in Colombia.” The report – released through Observatorio de Participación Política de personas LGBTI en Colombia – argues inclusion of LGBTI persons in the political process strengthens and deepens democracy. It also analyzes current political participation, electoral systems, and parties as it relates to LGBTI people in the country, and makes recommendations for improvement.
The report was supported by USAID, Astraea, the National Endowment for Democracy, and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation in Colombia, and will help direct Victory Institute and Caribe Afirmativo’s efforts to open spaces for participation for LGBTI people within the Colombian political parties.
As Julian Bedoya, openly gay mayor in the city of Toro, said during a Victory Insitute and Caribe Afirmativo event held with political parties in September: “We should show that voting for LGBTQ people is worthy… we can transform the reality.”
The report was structured from quantitative data and interviews collected from 12 cities across Colombia in 2014. Researchers analyzed agendas of political parties and movements, activism, public policy and LGBTI leadership. They then conducted large-scale surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gain perspectives on inclusion.
Victory Institute and Caribe Afirmativo will continue using these findings to help increasing political participation of LGBTI people, to strengthen Colombian democracy and to achieve equality for LGBTI Colombians.