Victory Empowerment Fellow helps make change in Palm Springs

This year’s cohort of Victory Empowerment Fellows includes impressive and accomplished LGBTQ leaders working to make a difference for our community – and Lisa Middleton is no exception.
She is a dedicated public servant with an amazing track record of activism in Palm Springs. Lisa is a member of the Palm Springs Planning Commission, Chairwoman of the Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs, and a board member for both the Desert Horticulture Society and Desert LGBTQ Center. She is a tireless advocate for progressive causes and sustainable solutions to her community’s problems.
In June, Lisa attended our Candidate & Campaign Training in Charlotte, NC as part of her Victory Empowerment Fellowship. At the training, participants learn how to run a campaign and be strong LGBTQ leaders. Victory Institute is working with her to ensure her experience as a trans woman in policy is as effective and revolutionary as it can be for any future leadership roles she takes on. We are excited to see where this already accomplished woman is headed, and more importantly, how she continues to positively impact our community.
The Victory Empowerment Fellowship is dedicated to increasing the diversity in LGBTQ leadership. Since its inauguration in 2015, this fellowship has helped outstanding people of color and trans people on their journey to becoming progressive change-makers.