Venezuelan LGBTI rights activists discuss democratic participation with Victory Institute

Victory Institute’s team met with a delegation of LGBTI Venezuelan leaders brought by the State Department to speak with them about the work of civil society organizations in the United States. Victory Institute has partnered with groups and leaders in Venezuela for several years, including former Victory Bohnett Fellow Tamara Adrián, who is a member of Congress in Venezuela.
Despite social unrest in the country, LGBTI leaders have managed to push queer issues onto the political agenda. Tamara Adrián’s successful election marked a turning point in the road for equality in the country, and Victory will continue to work with Venezuelan leaders to increase LGBTI participation in the democratic process.
Among the LGBTI leaders in attendance were Edgar Manuel Baptista of Civil Association Convite; Lowing Nahur Gonzalez of Foundation ASES; Mauricio Alberto Gutiérrez, a representative of Political Party Un Nuevo Tiempo; and Ana Maragarita Rojas, Vice President of Fundacion Reflejos de Venezuela.
The international team at Victory Institute is inspired by their leadership, and appreciated their expertise and assessment of progress on LGBTI issues in the country.