Update: Three newly elected LGBTQ officials in Colombia

Juan David Vélez, newly elected Congressman in Colombia

As our partner in Colombia, Caribe Afirmativo, and Victory Institute wrap up our analysis and monitoring of the 2018 parliamentary elections in Colombia that took place on March 11, another LGBTQ official has entered the scene.  After becoming elected, Juan David Vélez is now serving as an openly gay congressman with the Democratic Center party, a conservative party in the country.

This makes three openly LGBTQ officials serving in the Colombian House of Representatives and Senate after the most recent elections, also including Senator Angélica Lozano and Congressman Mauricio Toro, both with the Green Alliance party. Our Vote for Equality campaign will continue to monitor the results as well as examine the political platforms of the presidential candidate for the May 27, 2018 elections.

For more information, you can read the full elections report in Spanish, composed by our partner Caribe Afirmativo.

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