Two Victory Institute trainees on the Ballot in Colombia this Sunday

Tatiana Piñeros speaks at Victory Institute’s 2012 LGBTQ Leaders Conference

Colombia will hold its parliamentary elections this Sunday, March 11.  As part of our Vote for Equality campaign with our partner in Colombia, Caribe Afirmativo, we have listed the LGBTQ candidates running for office this cycle on our partner’s website.  Among them are two Victory Institute trainees: Álvaro Ladino Paque and Tatiana Piñeros.  Álvaro is running for a seat in the House of Representatives with the Patriotic Union party.  Tatiana is running for a seat in the Senate with the “Decency List”, which is an alliance of candidates that have committed to serve the nation in an unbiased manner without personal interest, as well as renounce certain privileges that Senators receive, such as first-class flights, free cell phones, iPads, and other electronic accessories.

More information about candidates can be found on our Vote for Equality website, which is part of our larger campaign to promote a transparent and informed vote.  The campaign summarizes the political platforms of each candidate running for office and highlights the LGBTQ candidates.  We will continue to update the website after the election results come in and will continue the project up until the presidential elections on May 27, 2018.