Training the next generation of LGBTI spokespeople in Honduras

By Ana Flores, November 1, 2016
Victory Institute’s international leadership team is in Tegucigalpa, Honduras today hosting a spokesperson training for a select group of LGBTQ Honduran leaders. This intensive two-day training provides LGBTI leaders in the country with a toolkit of skills to better communicate with media and message the needs of the LGBTI community in Honduras. The group is joined by Theodore Glenn, Director of the Office of Governance at USAID in Honduras, who will be giving opening remarks at training.
The “Taller de Voceros” is the most recent in a series of leadership development trainings organized by the international leadership team at Victory Institute and our partner organization in the country, Somos CDC. Our work in the country and in the region has trained hundreds of LGBTI leaders in the past four years, many of whom have gone on to run for office, lead LGBTQ organizations and advocate for the rights of LGBTI people in Central America.
With the hands-on training the LGBTQ leaders will receive at the “Taller de Voceros,” they will be able to continue their fight for equality and lead discourse about equality in Honduras. In a country where violence against LGBTI people is widespread, their work and this training are paramount to the advancement of human rights and anti-violence efforts.