Rhett Wilson

Rhett Wilson

Founder and Senior Consultant, Teapot Mountain Advisory, LLC

Rhett Wilson joined the board of LGBTQ+ Victory Institute in 2021.

Rhett is the founder and senior consultant of Teapot Mountain Advisory, LLC, a strategy consulting group established in 2019, dedicated to helping non-profit boards and CEOs in long-term vision development and fundraising strategies.

He also serves as the chief development officer of the White House Historical Association/White House Endowment Trust, the non-partisan, non-profit foundation dedicated to the nation’s Executive Mansion. In this role, Wilson has had the honor of collaborating with three presidential administrations in preservation, acquisition, and education efforts related to the White House.

Previously, Rhett held appointments as Associate Dean for Development (Chief Development Officer) for the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, and Assistant Dean for Development at the George Mason University School of Business.

Rhett Wilson is a founding board member of the Caravanserai Project, served two terms on the Board of Trustees of Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY), and previously served on the advisory board for Alaris, a signature verification technology firm, and joint venture with Rolls Royce, Inc. He is a former town councilman of Kearny, Arizona.

Wilson holds a Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University and an associate degree from Mesa Community College.