Campbell Spencer

Campbell Spencer
Founding Partner, FORA

Campbell is a leading public affairs strategist and trusted advisor to senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, and advocacy organizations. As a founding partner at FORA, she brings 20 years of experience helping clients successfully navigate today’s high-stakes intersection of business, reputation, policy and politics.

She is a veteran of national politics, having held senior positions on presidential campaigns, worked for the Democratic National Committee and in the White House as Midwest Political Director under President Obama. In that role she helped manage the President and Vice President’s political strategy in key states and built support for critical legislative fights including The Recovery Act, The Affordable Care Act, Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act. She also served with the President’s Auto Task Force to manage stakeholders in the Chrysler and General Motors restructuring.

A native of Richmond, Campbell earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Arts degree from Yale University.