Statement on Trump’s discriminatory directive on trans military members

Today we released the following statement regarding Donald Trump’s directive on transgender people serving in the U.S. military:

“It’s disgusting, and an absolute disgrace, that a man who dodged service for his country is now ordering the Pentagon to denigrate those who are already serving it,” said Aisha C. Moodie-Mills, President & CEO of Victory Institute. “We have a president who is committed to white supremacist ideology and with each policy action declaring war on equality for all Americans – defending the KKK, blocking Muslim immigrants and visitors, and now banning transgender people from serving their country and pardoning a convicted racist.  The time for words and debate has ended. In order to save our democracy from the clutches of bigotry and hatred we must unite and fight back – and fight back hard. LGBTQ people exist in all communities and an attack on us is an attack on everyone. We will not go silently into the night. We will not learn our place and be forced back into the closet. We will march. We will train. We will run for office and reclaim our democracy one election at a time. 2018 is months away and we will remember those that stood silent in the face of abject discrimination. LGBTQ people are fired up and training to run for office so that we can replace those who have turned their backs on our community.”