About National Out to Win Day

Right now, only .1% of elected officials in the United States identify as LGBTQ.

Victory Institute works to increase the number of LGBTQ people in public office and to provide programming, services and other support to help ensure their success.  This year, we’re joining a diverse range of partners to find, train, and support the next wave of LGBTQ candidates – especially in low-equality states where our community is most under threat.

In 2017, Texas led the country in proposed anti-equality legislation. So over 50 LGBTQ  candidates threw their hats in the ring and in January 2019, queer legislators launched the state’s first LGBTQ Caucus. In Kansas, home of the Westboro Baptist Church, Brandon Woodard and Susan Ruiz are leading the charge for a statewide non-discrimination ordinance, and so-called “radical socialist kickboxing lesbian Indian” Sharice Davids is making her voice heard in the Halls of Congress. These accomplishments don’t happen on their own. LGBTQ people need to be invited to run and told their expertise will make a difference.

We’re building the next generation of historic firsts, particularly LGBTQ leaders of color and trans leaders who’ll bring their vital perspectives to public office. Join us today to learn how to start the process and making your plans.

If you pledge to consider a run or accept a friend’s nomination, you’ll receive personal messages from elected officials and campaign professionals to learn about everything from fundraising to how to write a field plan. By signing, your information will be shared with some of the partners participating in National Out to Win Day. You can easily remove yourself from these communications at any time. We hope you find the information you receive valuable to the efforts to increase LGBTQ representation at every level of government.