Victory Institute’s Statement on Ric Grenell’s Appointment as U.S. Ambassador to Germany

“Today, LGBTQ Victory Institute recognizes the U.S. Senate for confirming Ric Grenell as the next U.S. Ambassador to Germany. Ambassador-designate Grenell joins a long list of openly LGBTQ appointees serving in both Republican and Democratic presidential administrations, including Michael Guest who was appointed by President George W. Bush, seven openly gay ambassadors appointed by President Barack Obama, and James Hormel, appointed by President Clinton as the first openly gay person to serve as a U.S. ambassador. It is our sincere hope that Ambassador-designate Grenell will use his position to defend LGBTQ people at home and abroad. As the White House continues its assault on LGBTQ Americans, which has included but is not limited to an attempt to ban transgender servicemembers and roll back essential protections for the LGBTQ community at the federal level, Ambassador-designate Grenell could be a voice for equality within the Trump administration. 

At LGBTQ Victory Institute, we believe representation is power. In the previous administration, we worked to place and support over 300 openly LGBTQ appointees. Ambassador-designate Grenell’s appointment by President Trump seems to be an exception. We hope this reflects a newfound understanding within the Trump administration that there are  hundreds of openly LGBTQ people who are talented, believe in equality for all Americans, and are ready to serve our country.”