Presidential Appointments Initiative Hires New Leader; Aims to Increase and Diversify Federal Appointees

Former Obama appointee Reginald Greer to serve as new director

Washington, DC – Today Victory Institute announced Reginald Greer will head its Presidential Appointments Initiative (PAI), which is expanding its efforts to secure presidential appointments for LGBTQ people in the next administration. PAI is leading a coalition of 30 organizations that will identify and put forward exemplary LGBTQ candidates for all levels of the federal government, and advocate for their consideration. PAI also announced it aims to increase and diversify the pool and selection of LGBTQ appointed officials, so the new administration is more representative of LGBTQ demographics nationwide.

“Presidential appointees influence the policies and direction of federal agencies and the executive branch, so it is essential that LGBTQ appointees are well-represented in the next administration,” said Victory Institute President & CEO Aisha C. Moodie-Mills. “As a former Obama appointee, Reggie Greer understands the complexities and politics of navigating the appointments process. We are thrilled he is leading our efforts to build an LGBTQ-inclusive administration.”

While PAI achieved unprecedented success under President Barack Obama – who appointed more openly LGBTQ people than any administration in history – it is focused on increasing that number in the new administration, and on ensuring more diversity. PAI is recruiting more women, people of color, transgender people and individuals outside the Beltway, so their perspectives and voices are included in the new administration.

“The Presidential Appointments Initiative assisted hundreds of LGBTQ people searching for placements in the Obama administration, and I am honored to further that legacy,” said PAI Director Reggie Greer. “We are continuing to build our talent bank with qualified LGBTQ leaders who can be the foundation for a successful administration, and we will be their allies in finding a placement. We encourage LGBTQ people across the country to consider public service and to register with our initiative.”

Greer was appointed Deputy Director of Public Engagement at the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) during the Obama administration, and previously served as Special Assistant to Secretary Anthony Foxx at USDOT. Prior to his appointment, he was a Political Staff Assistant at the Democratic National Committee and a field organizer in Virginia for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

Individuals interested in a presidential appointment in the next administration can learn more about PAI and upload their resumes at

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