Gautam Raghavan Appointed Deputy Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel; LGBTQ Leader Will Play Key Role in Appointments

Washington, DC – President-elect Joe Biden appointed out LGBTQ leader Gautam Raghavan to serve as Deputy Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel – a position key to identifying, recruiting and vetting the more than 4,000 political appointments across the federal government. As a member of the President-elect’s transition team, Raghavan has worked with LGBTQ Victory Institute’s Presidential Appointments Initiative on its efforts to ensure qualified out LGBTQ people are appointed throughout the new administration. His appointment was hailed by Victory Institute as another strong indicator of the administration’s commitment to diversity.

Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Institute, released the following statement about Raghavan’s appointment:

“Gautam’s appointment demonstrates the President-elect’s long-term commitment to building an administration that is reflective of America. He believes a diverse administration best serves the President and our nation and will ensure appointing qualified LGBTQ people, women and people of color at every level of government remains a priority for the next four years. Gautam also understands our community is not monolithic and that LGBTQ people of all races, sexual orientations and gender identities must be part of the new administration. He is an excellent choice and our Presidential Appointments Initiative team looks forward to continue working with him.”

Victory Institute’s Presidential Appointments Initiative – a coalition of 32 LGBTQ and allied organizations – will put forward hundreds of exemplary LGBTQ candidates for positions throughout the next administration and advocate for their consideration. It aims to help the Biden transition team in creating the most LGBTQ-inclusive administration in U.S. history.

The Initiative – first launched by Victory Institute during President Bill Clinton’s administration – achieved unprecedented success under President Barack Obama, who appointed approximately 330 LGBTQ people, the most in history. Of those, 158 were assisted by the Presidential Appointments Initiative.

With more than 4,100 appointees, at least 185 LGBTQ people must be serving at any given time to maintain a representation level equal to that of LGBTQ people in the U.S. population (4.5 percent). The coalition also aims to make the LGBTQ appointees the most diverse ever – ensuring that LGBTQ people of color, LGBTQ women and transgender and non-binary people are well represented.


About Victory Institute

LGBTQ Victory Institute works to achieve and sustain global equality through leadership development, training, and convening to increase the number, expand the diversity, and ensure the success of openly LGBTQ elected and appointed officials at all levels of government.