Colorado State House Passes Rep. Titone’s Water Conservation Bill

(Jan. 28) – The House approved a bill dealing with water conservation today. This is the first bill Rep. Brianna Titone, D-Arvada introduced this session and the first to pass the House.

“Water takes up a big part of the budget in most homeowners associations,” said Rep. Titone. “Our state is facing a drought so it’s critical that we are responsibly managing our water usage–especially in communities on the Front Range and in rural Colorado.”

HB19-1050 will help promote water-efficient landscaping on property subject to management by local supervisory entities. HB19-1050 passed the House on a vote of 54-19.

Even as Colorado and other western states suffer from drought and severe water shortages, members of homeowners associations, as well as residents of some metropolitan special districts, often pay exorbitant water bills to satisfy requirements in their bylaws. Bylaws can be written in such a way that makes changing them time-consuming, burdensome, and cost prohibitive for an association or district. Allowing homeowner associations and special district boards to modify their master landscaping plans will save water and lower costs.

The bill now goes to the Senate.