Meet the Spring 2021 Victory Congressional Interns


Four outstanding LGBTQ undergraduates have been selected nationwide for this Spring’s Victory Congressional Internship.

The Victory Congressional Internship (VCI) is developing the next generation of out public leaders. This Spring’s ten-week program will include a rigorous virtual weekly leadership development series and mentorship component. Victory Institute is proud of our continued and growing partnership with the LGBT Equality Caucus and other LGBTQ-friendly members of Congress; in-person placements will occur in Summer 2021 due to COVID-19.

Devin Green (He/Him)
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
School: The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Devin Green, 18, is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He identifies as a transgender man. At UNC-Pembroke, Devin studies political science with a concentration in pre-law and is a member of the Esther G. Maynor Honors College. Devin plans to attend law school in the Fall of 2022 in order to pursue a career as a civil & human rights attorney, with an emphasis on protecting the rights of Black people and the LGBTQ community. He also wants to be a congressman, directly advocating for equity under the law. In his free time, Devin enjoys lobbying, playing instruments, and watching documentaries.

Isabel ‘Izzie’ Karohl (She/Her)
Hometown: Houston, Texas
School: Rice University

Izzie Karohl is a junior at Rice University who is majoring in Social Policy Analysis with a Certificate in Civic Leadership. Izzie is passionate about violence prevention in communities and advocates for survivor-centered policies in her role as the Director of Interpersonal Violence Policy in the Student Association. She worked with the Rice administration to write the new Sexual Misconduct Policy (Title IX) and now leads undergraduate education efforts on interpersonal violence. Izzie serves as a peer health advisor, new student advisor, and leads a peer tutoring network. In each of her roles, she works to create a more equitable campus for marginalized communities. After taking courses in physiology and psychology, she has recently been fascinated with the neurobiology of stress and trauma. Transforming her knowledge into action, Izzie now works with local addiction treatment centers to improve integrative treatment for those who struggle with co-occurring substance use and mental disorders. Izzie hopes to one day become a psychiatrist or an obstetrician-gynecologist to help individuals regain bodily autonomy and stability after experiencing trauma. She strives to earn an additional degree to better address community violence prevention and survivor justice at a policy level from a physician’s perspective.

Han Le (She/Her)
Hometown: Abilene, Texas
School: Minerva Schools at KGI

A junior in Politics and Philosophy, Han is working to prepare for graduate schools for a joint J.D./Ph.D. in Political Philosophy. Her passion lies with human rights & activism, with a primary focus on feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, and climate crisis. She believes that we can achieve social change not just through institutionalized anti-discrimination but also through improvements in education, healthcare, and economic equality.

Janise Waites (She/Her)
Hometown: San Diego, California
School: Claremont McKenna College

Janise Waites is a junior at Claremont McKenna College seeking a bachelor’s degree in Government with a Sequence in Leadership. During the 2020 election year, she worked on Candace Valenzuela’s congressional campaign to flip the 24th district of Texas seat from red to blue. She led a team of fellows and hosted multiple phone banking events. During the internship, she made over 6,000 calls to constituents in the district and trained over 30 volunteers. She is passionate about basketball and Marvel movies. Janise is a well-rounded individual with an energetic personality who is committed to public service.


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