LGBTIQ activists reunite for political leadership academy in India

Last weekend, Solidarity Foundation and Victory Institute hosted the second module of the Political Leadership Academy for LGBTIQ People in India in Bangalore.

The three-day training on Indian Political Systems and Human Rights Mechanisms focused on human rights, Indian political, judicial and administrative systems and values and ethos of Indian Constitution. Along with theoretical and conceptual training, the participants also went through skill-based trainings on documenting hate crimes and working of fact-finding missions.

The first module on “LGBTIQ People as Change-Makers” introduced participants to the concepts intersectionality and building alliances across movements and encouraged them to think about issues that effects their communities last month.

Over the next month, the participants will be planning a one-day Civil Society Forum in Karnataka to effectively engage civil society actors and political stakeholders on issues of political participation of LGBTIQ people. The participants will be meeting in July for the third module of the Leadership Academy on ‘Advocacy, Communication and Messaging’, where they will learn strategic communication strategies to advance in their advocacy and political actions.