LGBTI political training launches in South Africa

Victory Institute and Triangle Project held a training with 24 South African LGBTI leaders in Cape Town for the first part of our five-module LGBTI Political Leadership Learning Institute. The three-day training, titled “LGBTI Leaders as Change-Makers,” covered political leadership skills and understanding the needs of the entire LGBTI community.
Local trainer Phumi Mtetwa guided participants through discussions, group projects, and situational roleplays on theories of change, strategies and tactics for winning hearts and minds, and recognizing the needs of the LGBTI community along with the needs of the broader community.  The group gained a deeper understanding of their role as champions of change and how to successfully represent their communities as LGBTI political leaders.
The trainings will be essential to developing the skillset of these leaders and to best prepare them to participate in the democratic process. Politically prepared LGBTI leaders can raise LGBTI equality on the South African political agenda and more effectively address issues affecting the community.
The next module takes place April 21 through April 23 and is on “South African Political Systems & Human Rights Mechanisms.” This program is a part of our larger project with Triangle to bring the topic of political participation for LGBTI people in South Africa to the political agenda.