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America needs more LGBTQ+ people to run for office and that can’t happen without your help! On Lead Out Loud Day, encourage more LGBTQ+ people to run by using our social media graphics and posts below.

Sample Post Language

Hashtag: #leadoutloudday

Website: victoryinstitute.org/lead

Post 1: Over 1000 LGBTQ+ people are in elected office – but they need backup! This #LeadOutLoudDay, watch them explain why YOU are qualified and why you can do it! Watch the videos at victoryinstitute.org/lead

Post 2: Anti-equality bills would be difficult to pass with more LGBTQ+ people in office across the country. On #LeadOutLoudDay, learn about the impact LGBTQ+ elected officials have on their communities at: victoryinstitute.org/lead

Post 3: These LGBTQ+ leaders stepped up to run for office, and they’re making a huge difference. Will you? Watch the videos and learn more at victoryinstitute.org/lead

Post 4: To achieve LGBTQ+ equality, we need LGBTQ+ people like YOU at the decision-making table. This #LeadOutLoudDay, I’m calling on LGBTQ+ people to consider a run for office so we can make change for our community. Learn why it could be you at victoryinstitute.org/lead.

Post 5: Any LGBTQ+ person who wants to make a difference should consider a run for office. That’s why the #LeadOutLoudDay team is here to give you the tools you need to get started. Join us: victoryinstitute.org/lead

Post 6: A historic number of LGBTQ+ people  are now serving in public office. Learn how you can add to another record-breaking election cycle at: victoryinstitute.org/lead

Post 7: Happy #LeadOutLoudDay! LGBTQ+ political power is growing, but there’s still a huge representation gap. Learn how to launch your own campaign today: victoryinstitute.org/lead

Post 8: Happy #LeadOutLoudDay! Impact is more than just votes and bills – representation is powerful too. Learn how LGBTQ+ elected officials also represent their community at: victoryinstitute.org/lead