A national day to encourage LGBTQ+ leaders to run for office.

(previously called National Out to Win Day)

It Needs to Be You

Too many LGBTQ+ people don’t see themselves as leaders in elected office, but they are wrong. LGBTQ+ people are winning in conservative towns and liberal states. More LGBTQ+ people of color, bisexual, transgender and non-binary people are winning than ever before. America is ready to elect LGBTQ+ leaders, but we need more to step up and run.

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin

California Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins

Virginia State Delegate Danica Roem

You Can Change Lives

Having an LGBTQ+ voice in the room is invaluable and our out elected officials prove it everyday. LGBTQ+ elected officials are the driving force behind pro-equality legislation in so many chambers and are the ones who lead the fight to defeat anti-LGBTQ bills. Yet the impact goes well beyond LGBTQ+ equality issues alone. LGBTQ+ elected officials are leading on climate change, healthcare policy and so much more.

Georgia state Representative Park Cannon and Miss Lawrence on Queer Visibility in Politics

Illinois State Senator Mike Simmons and Activist Ida Nelson on Fighting to End Hair Discrimination

Palm Springs Mayor Lisa Middleton on trans representation

You Are Qualified

You don’t need a law degree or political experience to run for office — you just need a passion to create change and the desire to make your community stronger. LGBTQ elected officials come from diverse work backgrounds and that experience makes them better leaders. LGBTQ elected officials have been teachers, activists, grocery store workers and event planners.

Georgia state Senator Kim Jackson

Arizona state Represenative Andrés Cano

Oklahoma state Representative Mauree Turner

DC State Board of Education Member Allister Chang

You Can Do It

We won’t lie: Running as an out LGBTQ+ candidate is not always easy. We face the rigors all candidates face: choosing a seat to run for, learning how to fundraise and knocking on lots (and we mean lots) of doors. But we also face challenges many candidates do not, unfortunately including anti-LGBTQ campaign tactics. Yet nothing you will face is new: another LGBTQ+ candidate has dealt with it: and won. As a community and training organization, we are here to help you on the way.

Former Kansas State Representative Stephanie Byers and Activist Tori Gleason on Trans Visibility in State Government

Florida state Senator Shevrin Jones

Colorado state Representative Brianna Titone

I’m Ready to Run

Our community desperately needs more LGBTQ+ people like you to run for office and fight for equality in the halls of power. As we said earlier: if not you, who?

There are many resources to help people running for office, including Victory Institute and our out LGBTQ+ elected leaders. Below are some action items you can take right now:

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