Launch of research on political participation of LGBTI persons in Honduras

Caribe Affirmativo, National Democratic Institution, Somos CDC and Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute are launching the Researching on Political Participation of LGBTI person in Honduras. The political participation of LGBTI people in Honduras, and in general, Latin America is one of the most significant challenges. The report delves into the difficulties faced by LGBTI persons when accessing political participation, discussing the perception of LGBTI people in Honduras and reflections from the political party.

The report was supported by Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, USAID, NED and Inter-American Foundation and will help us explore more opportunities to increase political participation of LGBTI people.

Despite many structural and cultural difficulties, some political parties have started a process to overcome the social stigma and recognize the LGBTI people as citizens with full rights. The research analysed the actions of political parties with respect to LGBTI people and presents a detailed analysis of party platforms and best practices on inclusion of LGBTI people including the Partido Libertad y Refundación (LIBRE), a leftist political party in Honduras and the Liberal Party of Honduras, a center-right political party in Honduras founded in 1891.

The research will be formally launched next week in Honduras during a presentation organized by Victory and our partners. The findings of the research will help us continue increasing the political participation of LGBTI people in the Honduras to strengthen the access to human rights and justice for LGBTI people.