International Leadership Program

Victory Institute’s International Program aims to increase the participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in the democratic systems of their country, in order to advance toward equality.

Countries We Work In

The Balkans


Dominican Republic




South Africa

We believe political participation is an important tool to advance equality. Globally, we work with our partners to train LGBTI leaders, collaborate with political parties and state institutions for greater inclusion of LGBTI people, work to change people’s hearts and minds through public awareness and visibility actions, and conduct research on LGBTI political participation.

Partnering with in-country LGBTI organizations is always a priority in order to create and implement culturally-relevant programs utilizing local expertise. We bring 25 years of experience working in the U.S. on LGBTQ political participation – and collaboratively share experiences, ideas and expertise from one country to another.

Four Pillars of International Work


Train LGBTI leaders working to build a more inclusive democracy.
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Opening Spaces

Collaborate with political parties and state institutions to increase the participation of the LGBTI population in their democratic systems.


Raise public awareness and influence public opinion on LGBTI representation within democratic institutions, in order to change people’s hearts and minds.


Conduct research to demonstrate the positive effects of LGBTI inclusivity in democratic institutions.
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Upcoming International Events

  • International LGBTQ Leaders Conference 2022

    This Fall, over 600 LGBTQ elected officials, leaders and advocates from across the world will come together for the…

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