Institute programs help LGBTQ people secure presidential appointments

Above: LGBTQ appointees in the Obama administration (source: NBC Out)

With another groundbreaking presidential election on the horizon, Victory Institute has been strategizing with coalition partners to re-vamp and improve the Presidential Appointments Project. Since 2008, Victory Institute has served as a talent bank, counselor and advocate for openly LGBTQ professionals seeking politically appointed positions to federal agencies, boards and commissions around the country. Victory Institute assisted and identified hundreds of LGBTQ professionals who have served in President Obama’s administration, which has appointed more LGBTQ people than any other administration in history.
Now the Presidential Appointments Initiative (PAI), it is gearing up to facilitate more LGBTQ appointments in the next administration, and at higher-ranking levels, so they can be of service to our community and the country. As part of this new phase for PAI, Victory Institute’s International LGBTQ Leaders Conference will play a crucial role in highlighting high-ranking LGBTQ appointees such as Ambassadors James Brewster, Rufus Gifford, Ted Osius and Special Envoy Randy Berry. The conference will serve as an informational hub and workshop for current LGBTQ appointees to network, learn from experts, and strategize on receiving an appointment in the new administration. And it will help LGBTQ people who have never been appointed to better understand how to navigate the often time opaque process.
With our new game-plan, the help of our partners, and the invaluable networking and strategizing opportunities provided by the International LGBTQ Leaders Conference, the Victory Institute is confident our record-breaking appointments initiative will continue to push forward the equality agenda by helping qualified and motivated LGBTQ leaders achieve their goals.
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