House Equality Caucus and Victory Institute kick off Pride Month with reception


LGBTQ Victory Fund & Institute President & CEO, Mayor Annise Parker, standing with the twelve Victory Congressional Interns for Summer 2018

On Thursday, June 7th Victory Institute welcomed the House of Representatives Equality Caucus with a reception to celebrate Pride Month. President & CEO of Victory Fund & Institute, Mayor Annise Parker, opened the reception and introduced various speakers. Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, gave encouraging words about staying steady in the current political climate. Other speakers include caucus member, Sean Patrick Maloney, and House Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer.

Most of the members of the House of Representatives LGBTQ Equality Caucus attended the reception, and they brought with them all of their staffers and interns who are part of the LGBTQ family. Donors were also present at the event, giving them the chance to connect with the people who they hope are instilling the change we wish to see. Victory Institute’s Undergraduate Congressional Interns were also in attendance, per the photo at the top of the blog. They were afforded the chance to mingle with other interns and staffers who work on Capitol Hill. The event lasted for two hours and featured free food and wine, and one food item that got the crowd excited were cake pops adorned with glitter and the colors of the rainbow.

Mayor Parker also presented the Victory Congressional Ally Award to Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, for her work towards making LGBTQ equality a reality. Ros-Lehtinen is a noteworthy ally as she remarked that her party, the Republican Party, needs to pursue equality. She has a child that is LGBTQ and spoke from a place of love for our community, and we are happy to have an ally such as her.

LGBTQ Victory Institute Director of Constituent Engagement, Reggie Greer, photoed with House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi



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