Hill Haikus: Reflections On My First Week – Meg Farley

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My first week in Washington, D.C. has been marked by trying to figure out how I, and my experiences and identities, fit into the U.S. Congress (if they do at all). Despite the uncertainty, the cohort  of interns I’m a part of has created a space that facilitates safety and queer joy. I am immensely grateful for the LGBTQ Victory Institute, a brilliant organization that allows me to feel like I can take on Capitol Hill, even if many parts of it (i.e. a restroom I can feel safe in) continue to be inaccessible to me. Throughout my days on the Hill and with the cohort, I compile haikus. A collection of haikus from this week are below, compiled in an order that reflects my journey this past week: from confused to joyous. 


Trans and disabled

Poet, artist, on The Hill

An organizer


here, where you came from

the government is right here

stand in front, go on


Can’t believe it’s real

Never thought I could be here

Democracy? Here?


Democracy. Here.

Queer staffers making changes 




inspired and hopeful but

can’t pee on The Hill


Material needs

Intersecting with gender

Prepared to not pee


Equity or bust

Material needs not met

Where’s my clementine?


This, professional?

Demand more from Washington

What is representation?


peeing on The Hill

not yet made for Trans people

complicates being


Don’t want the gavel

I’ve never wanted power

Actually, do I?


Just want to change things

I just want it to get done

Need power… what kind?


People power, go!

Start on the local level

Justice focused here


2030 comes

but it bends toward justice

began to change now


focus on learning

co-create something better

add it to the list


Don’t apologize

Resistance and Existence

This is so joyful


I am so happy

healing what I didn’t know

these people, this place


Queer joy is alive

This life is incredible

How did we get here?