Dominican Republic

“…the government is for everyone and spaces are created for all, not only a specific elite.”

Rosanna Marzan, Director of Diversidad Dominicana

Victory Institute began its partnership with LGBTI rights organization Diversidad Dominicana in 2016 with a political leadership school for LGBTI people. In collaboration with Colombian partner Caribe Afirmativo, the five-module training school will expand in 2017. The third regional conference on LGBTI political participation organized by Victory Institute and its partners will take place in Santo Domingo in Spring 2017, and will concentrate on improving the political participation of LGBTI people in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Featured Leader

Deivis Ventura

Deivis Ventura attended two of our regional conferences in Peru and Honduras, and participated in our 2015 political leadership training in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Deivis ran for a congressional seat in 2016 as the first openly gay person to run for Congress.  Although he did not win, his campaign was impactful in bringing visibility to LGBTI issues within the national political agenda.  After his campaign, he facilitated one of our training modules in the Dominican Republic and shared his experience and best practices with trainees.


Our 2016 Civil Society Forum gathered high-ranking elected officials (including Dominican Representative Jacqueline Montero) to meet with community leaders for panel discussions, a film screening and for networking opportunities.

Victory Institute trainee Deivis Ventura ran for a seat in Congress in 2016 as the first openly gay candidate in the country. His campaign brought LGBTI issues to the forefront of the national political agenda.

In-Country Partner

Diversidad Dominicana