Global LGBTQ leaders attend International LGBTQ Leaders Conference

Above: Panelists from around the world discuss the effects of the U.S. election results on global LGBTQ equality.
With election season come and gone, the Victory Institute team was excited to welcome over 500 domestic and international LGBTQ leaders to the 32nd annual International LGBTQ Leaders Conference, in Washington D.C. on Dec. 8 – 11. The conference was the largest in its history, and brought together 141 LGBTQ elected officials, as well as advocates, appointed officials, civil servants, and other leaders from across the United States and the world.
In our continuing efforts to amplify and support a diverse range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences, Victory Institute was excited to welcome many elected LGBTI persons from governments throughout the globe, as well as our international partners. These devoted LGBTQ advocates come from 24 countries, including Albania, Colombia, Honduras, Macedonia, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Peru and the Dominican Republic.
Colombian House Representative Angelica Lozano was among those attending. Lozano was Colombia’s first openly LGBTQ national politician. She has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights in Colombia and the broader region, and spoke on the importance of new media in LGBTQ movements in areas where open conversations may be harder to have.
Congresswoman and first out LGBTI national official Sandra Moran of Guatemala reflected on her role as a queer feminist and the contribution of LGBTI people to the progressive movements.
Australia’s first openly gay aboriginal MP, Chansey Paech, was also in attendance. Said Paech: “Events such as these are absolutely integral in the advancement of the LGBTI rights and politics worldwide. They give us a chance to exchange our experiences and our practices, so that we may mutually support each other to rise up as a global community and to ensure that even in this current political climate worldwide our movement remains strong and vibrant.”
We at victory are proud to have facilitated these conversations and to have brought our most international group of participants and speakers yet. The true strength of our movement is in its inclusiveness and diversity of experience.