D.C. Joy – Adin Burwell

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There are two things Washington, D.C. has solidified for me to a new level:

  1. I love agriculture
  2. Networking is FUN

Since my last blog, I have been to a number of the Agriculture Committee Hearings. The energy of being in the room is exhilarating. I love hearing the Representatives in person, seeing their reactions when the camera is not panned to them. The rooms themselves are so gorgeous and ornate. The experience feels extra special because I study Agriculture so I know what is going on (aside from the occasional acronym referring to something I have never heard before). Context clues usually come to the rescue, and looking it up afterwards never fails me. I also got to begin going to the meetings in the office. The agriculture related meetings make me bounce with joy. I cannot wipe the smile off my face. I can definitely see myself returning as the Agriculture Liaison or possibly for a role with the Agriculture committee. Who knows! 

Prior to the program, I had my withholdings from networking. I decided that it is mostly in a business setting but you still connect with people on things that are not business related. I am such a people person so I love meeting new people and learning about them and their journeys. I have made great connections at Women in Agriculture Events, agriculture company events, and at various receptions. The Washington, D.C. world, especially the “Ag” world is so small. I have only been here a few short weeks and I run into the same people. I would be talking about someone and we have that “aha!” moment that we know the same person. The only snag about networking for me personally is the setting. I love a good coffee shop vibe. I love these beautiful rooftops or art galleries, but two things that I am not huge on personally are coffee and alcohol. I am freshly 21 and it surprised me how much drinking is embedded in Washington, D.C. and networking culture.

Living in Washington, D.C. is wonderful. Questionably reliable public transportation, always something to do, great energy in the city overall. I feel like there is so much more to explore and I am already sad thinking about how quickly the time is flying. Fingers crossed I can return!

The people here are so nice as well. The Victory Congressional Intern cohort is great of course, but everyone is so willing to connect you with others, or to give directions if you are lost. Though this sounds like a sponsored post for visiting the city,  I won’t lie that there are some less-cute things. The random liquid that falls on you in the 36 bus. The rats in the basement of the House building. The frustration of missing the metro by 30 seconds then having to wait 20 minutes. And most of all…the expenses! I am so grateful for the LGBTQ Victory Institute because otherwise Washington, D.C. would not have been feasible for me. 

I am looking forward to the rest of the Victory program and all the exciting things to come!