From Councilor to Mayor: Forging a Path in Colombian Politics

More exciting news from our trainees abroad: We are proud to announce that Carolina Giraldo has decided to run for mayor in her hometown of Pereira!!

A former trainee in our Academy in Colombia, Carolina put her training into practice during her campaign for the Councilor of Pereira, her current position. She has fiercely led the fight against corruption by taking a closer look at the money that the Administration is spending. She has opposed big corporations by challenging non-transparent projects, like the construction of the new airport in Pereira. Carolina has focused on problems that are close to constituent’s day to day lives like the environment, education and recreational activities, proving once again that LGBTQ elected officials are concerned and able to solve issues outside of LGBTQ rights, and they are great doing it!

We are excited to see that former trainees from all over are taking steps to become elected officials and that they are carrying with them the skills learned during training. We wish Carolina the best of the lucks and we hope to hear more from her and her fellow trainees.

Our objective is to give LGBTQ Leaders in their regions, like Carolina, the tools they need to make a difference. We show them the path to first become candidates and next to win elections. Whether they are social leaders in their communities, or they work in civil society or even if they are already involved in political campaigns, our objective is to show to them that together we can fight for equality and succeed at it!

LGBTQ Victory Institute, in alliance with our local partners from different countries, train LGBTQ leaders from around the world. We are currently wrapping up our second edition of the School of LGBTQ Political Leadership in Central America and getting ready to start our LGBTIQ Political Leadership Institute in South Africa! You can find more information about it here.

Are you interested in politics in Colombia and Latin America in general? Check out our IV Conference of LGBTI Political Leaders that will take place in Bogota next May!