CNN Reports on Victory Institute: Out for America Map

On Friday, June 15th, CNN published an article about the record number of LGBTQ candidates running for office in 2018, and mentioned Victory Institute.

The article is definitely worth a read, as it describes in riveting detail the struggles of several of the current candidates. Many of these candidates are brand new, and others have already been in office for years. The prejudice these candidates have experienced in the past and how they’ve seen the world change around them is explicitly mentioned, as it is important for us as LGBTQ people to remember our past struggles; they inform our future decisions.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the article is the acknowledgment of why this surge in LGBTQ candidacies is occurring: the openness and acceptance of LGBTQ people in today’s society enables viable campaigns, while threats to this very newly-acquired amount of equality currently enjoyed by the community are seemingly abound.

As we previously discussed in this blog, there are 559 out elected officials, according to the Out in America report recently published by Victory Institute.

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