Brayan Mynyetty takes the next step!

Brayan Mynyetty, our former trainee in the Dominican Republic, announced last year that he would run for office. We are excited to share that Brayan won the internal vote in his party “Partido de la Liberación” February 9th and is one step closer to becoming an official candidate!

Brayan passed the first selection with flying colors, and he is now able to become a pre-candidate. This news is huge, not only because our former trainee will be representing the LGBTQ community with pride, but also because this victory occurs within a party that has not always been friendly to LGBTQ rights. He will be the first openly LGBTQ candidate of the party and should he win the election, he will be the first LGBTQ Councilor of Azua de Compostela!

His next step is to go to the National Convention of his party, where he will present his working plan and campaign ideas before the entire convention. During the training, he told Victory Institute that his proprieties include, among other things, pushing forward a youth-focused agenda and working to give them more access to cultural activities and to encourage local talents. The Convention will be his opportunity to shine and showcase all the knowledge he learned during our Leadership Training, and we are confident that he will do an excellent job!

After the presentations of all the pre-candidates, another vote will take place. The winner of this election will be the official candidate of the party for that position. We will keep you posted about his results during that second round of voting. Brayan has already started his pre-campaign to become the Councilor of Azua de Compostela, his home region in the south of the Dominican Republic.

We are excited to see things moving in the right direction and doors opening for our trainees and the LGBTQ entire community. His pre-candidature shows the importance of our work. Congratulations again to Brayan for his bravery!

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