LGBTQ leader works with partner organization in Dominican Republic

Yanelis Martinez is a former Victory Congressional Intern, who then spent two months with Diversidad Dominicana, a partner organization of the Victory Institue’s International Program.
I was recently given a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and work in the Dominican Republic (DR) and advocate for the rights of LGBTI people in the country. I spent two months interning with Diversidad Dominicana, one of Victory’s partner organizations, working to implement Diversity and Inclusion Projects in Dominican universities. Working with them was an amazing experience. I was able to conduct research to inform the work Diversidad Dominicana and Victory do to create a more inclusive society and advocate on behalf of those who continued to be marginalized. Through my work, I developed a better understanding of the current political environment in the DR and can now say I truly understand how this affects the lives of LGBTI people living in the country.
My experience with Diversidad Dominicana has allowed me to further develop as an LGBTI leader, something that my previous Victory Congressional Internship pushed me to become. These past two months in my home town of Santo Domingo have only reinforced all that I learned as a Victory Congressional Intern. Together, these experiences have prepared me to become an informed and influential LGBTQ leader in the fight to change not just my community at home in the US and in the Dominican Republic, but around the world.
The Victory Institute Congressional Internship brings outstanding LGBTQ college students to Washington, DC, for an intensive leadership program. The Institute’s International Program works to develop and support civic leaders and increase democratic participation to advance LGBTI equalityries across the globe.

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