Jonathan Dromgoole

Jonathan Dromgoole
Senior Manager for Presidential Appointments

Jonathan Dromgoole is the Senior Manager for Presidential Appointments, leading Victory Institute’s work to support presidential administrations in ensuring qualified LGBTQ people are included in the federal government across all agencies and levels.

Mexican made, Texas-raised and DC-educated, Jonathan Dromgoole is a community leader focused on building leadership and increasing representation for the Latinx & LGBTQ+ community in policy and public service. Jonathan’s professional achievements have focused on social good and people-centered policies that enhance equity, uplift communities and work towards progress in roles ranging from work with the United Nations and the Inter-American Development Bank to local, community-led initiatives.

Jonathan is a double first-generation graduate of Georgetown University pursuing his undergraduate studies at the School of Foreign Service and a Master of Public Policy at the McCourt School. Recently he became a graduate of the Sorensen Institute’s Emerging Leaders Program at the University of Virginia where he was one of three Latinx and the only out LGBTQ+ individual. He currently serves on the board of various local, statewide and national organizations with a focus on increasing representation for marginalized communities. Jonathan lives with his husband, Juan, and their two dogs in Northern Virginia.