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America needs more LGBTQ people to run for office and that can’t happen without your help! On National Out to Win Day, encourage more LGBTQ people to run by using our social media graphics and posts below.


Sample Post Language

Hashtag: #outtowin

Website: outtowin.org

Post 1: Over 1000 LGBTQ people are in elected office – but they need backup! This National #OutToWin Day, watch them explain why YOU are qualified and why you can do it! Watch the videos at outtowin.org.

Post 2: To achieve LGBTQ equality, we need LGBTQ people like YOU at the decision-making table. This National #OutToWin Day, I’m calling on LGBTQ people to consider a run for office so we can make change for our community. Learn why it could be you at outtowin.org.

Post 3: A record number of LGBTQ people are running for office this year! They’re #outtowin – are you? Learn how you can make an impact from the local to national level at: outtowin.org

Post 4: ANY LGBTQ person who wants to make a difference should consider a run for office. Our community is underrepresented across all levels of government. That’s why the #OutToWin team is here to give you the tools you need to get started. Join us: outtowin.org

Post 5: This National #OutToWin Day, listen and hear from LGBTQ elected officials about the importance of being at the table to fight for equality at: outtowin.org

Post 6: A record number of LGBTQ people were #OutToWin last year and a historic number are now serving in public office. Learn how you can add to another record-breaking election cycle at: outtowin.org

Post 7: Happy National #OutToWin Day! Learn about the legislative and personal impact LGBTQ elected officials have on their communities at: outtowin.org

Post 8: Happy National #OutToWin Day! Impact is more than just votes and bills – representation is powerful too. Learn how LGBTQ elected officials also represent their community at: outtowin.org

Post 9: Anti-equality bills would be difficult to pass with more LGBTQ people in office across the country. On National #OutToWin Day, learn about the impact LGBTQ elected officials have on their communities at: outtowin.org

Post 10: We need 35,000 more LGBTQ elected officials to achieve proportional representation. National #OutToWin Day recognizes those already in power and encourages the next generation of LGTBQ political leaders to consider running for office. Are you in? outtowin.org