“I’m proud to be the first openly bisexual person elected to the California State Assembly. I hope that more young people recognize that they can do it too. There’s a lot of bi-erasure and invisibility, even within our very progressive state, but we have to be true to ourselves. If not, we’re not making laws that are completely aligned that improve our lives.”

California Assemblymember Alex Lee
First out bi member of the assembly

Arizona Rep. Andrés Cano

U.S Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney

“As a queer identified, Black woman of Trans experience, I know that when I am in the room the conversation changes. So, as an elected official not only do the conversations change, the policies change as well. In my role I am able to educate my colleagues and the broader community on how harmful these legislative attacks are for trans youth. I’m able to propose and pass a ban on conversion therapy, to vote to support Operation Fast Track that promotes PREP to help end AIDS. These are the types of issues you can impact as an elected official. If you care about your community, and want to see equity and justice for all people, then becoming an elected official is the job for you. Remember, when we run, we win.”

Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins
First out trans woman elected to a major city council

California Sen. Pro Tem. Toni Atkins

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia

Jess Benham

“When I stepped up to run for state representative, I knew I would bring the work ethic, expertise, and passion necessary to address the critical problems my community faces: lack of access to economic opportunity and to healthcare, failing infrastructure, and gun violence.”

Pennsylvania state Rep. Jess Benham
First out LGBTQ woman elected to the PA state legislature

U.S Sen. Tammy Baldwin

DC State Board of Education Member Allister Chang

Adrian Tam

“During my election campaign, discriminatory speech – especially online – was directed at me as a result of my sexual orientation. However, my friends, family, and the community kept me feeling positive and motivated on the campaign trail. Their constant support continues to remind me of who I ran for – the vibrant, diverse, and forward-thinking people of House District 22 and Hawaii. Ultimately, Aloha prevailed over hate, and I crushed my opponent in the race, a member of the Proud Boys who shamefully took part in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. If you’re planning to run for office, remember that, at some point, you will likely encounter some kind of criticism or hate, but don’t allow the negativity to drag you down. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and who and what you’re fighting for. Most importantly, ensure that everything you do is done with Aloha.

Hawaii Rep. Adrian Tam
Only out LGBTQ state legislator in Hawaii

Colorado Rep. Brianna Titone

Oklahoma Rep. Mauree Turner