Washington, DC ANC LGBTQ+ Training

Washington, DC ANC LGBTQ+ Training
Washington, DC

If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. And why aren’t you at the table?

We know that local government leaders can make a significant impact on the local population and in Washington, DC, LGBTQ+ people are a big swath of the population. We are looking to queer up the ANC (Advisory Neighborhood Commission). Join us for this skills-building workshop that talks about how to get started to run for an ANC position. You will hear from local leaders and engage in interactive workshops that underline strategies for victory.

It is especially important for more trans folks, women, people of color, and young folks to step up and be part of the decision-making process here in the nation’s capital.

This training is FREE to join. To register, please click here!

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